P0015 Wompoo Pigeon Bellingen NSW    
 P0295 Wompoo Pigeon on Bangalow Palm Bellingen NSW.
 P0551 Wompoo and Crested Pigeons Bellingen NSW 
 P0315 Pelican Urunga NSW 
 P0348 Pelicans Urunga NSW 
 P0078 Pelicans Urunga NSW 
 P0330 Pelican and Friend Urunga NSW.
 P0222 Eastern Spinebill Bellingen NSW
 P0005 Masked Owl Bellingen NSW
 P0018 Masked Owl Bellingen NSW
 P0222 White Shouldered Kite Bellingen NSW
 P0351 Friar Bird Bellingen NSW
 P0063 Wattle Bird Bellingen NSW.
 P0033 Brush Tailed Phascogale Bellingen NSW
 P0254 Brush Tailed Phascogale Bellingen NSW
 P0231 Eastern Grey Kangaroo and Joey New England NP NSW.
 P0079 Unknown Insect and Luminescent fungi Bellingen NSW
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